Silla Collection

Royal jade and waterdrop like quartz crystals - the Silla Collection is inspired by the lush crowns and adornments of the Silla Dynasty. Chains, luxurious shapes and stones celebrate the beauty of Silla. For this collection we looked at the treasures of the swiss mountains and found jade, the stone of ancient kingdoms, in the Bernina mountain region of Poschiavo and quartz crystals from the Swiss alps.

hana kim x Nina Yuun

Inspired by the fluid and manifold meaning of ‘Heimat’ (homeland). For the latest collection hana kim teamed up with Korean designer NINA YUUN. Nina's floating silhouettes and her calligraphic patterns are also reflected in the brush stroke like shapes and forms meshing. 

Yaksok-Link Collection

The first collection is based on a promise: In Korean "Yaksok", it is expressed by the meshing of one anothers little fingers and by the touching of the thumbs the circle is closed and accordingly the oath is sealed. The u-shaped elements of the collection are equally interwoven, on the one hand as decoration, on the other hand a functionality, which is reflected in the clasps of the pieces.

Transparency and Craft

For our handmade jewellery, we only work with fair and sustainably sourced materials. We use 100% recycled silver and certified gold, which ensures a transparent supply chain and therefore a healthy environment for the miners and everybody involved in the sourcing processes.