Sculpting metal on a tiny scale

Using sustainable materials is crucial to us. We only use recycled silver from Switzerland and Germany, refined by members of the Responsible Jewelry Council. The code of practices addresses topics such as human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining, product disclosure and many more within the jewellery supply chain.

About 50% of all the gold produced in the world is processed in the jewellery industry. Most of the gold is found in emerging countries with a weak regulatory system or economically poor parts of the world. Human rights and environmental standards are violated during the mining process, therefore it is undeniably crucial to acknowledge one’s responsibility when choosing jewellery. This is why we only use London Bulletin Market Association (LBMA) certified gold for our gold-plated pieces. The LBMA is currently the most widely accepted standard for the form, purity and the way gold is traded, also considering human rights due diligence. The LBMA builds transparency in the precious metal market through certifying mines, refineries and banks.

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hana kim jewellery is handmade in Nicole Hana Kim's studio in Zurich. Central to each piece ist the fascination of forming raw materials using traditional techniques of forging. 

Nicole Hana Kim combines Korean elements with Swiss precision, which reflect her roots. In contrast to the digitalization of the goldsmith’s craft, every piece is made by hand, partly with casting partners in Switzerland and later gold-plated in Germany.