Jewellery Care

Finally, they are here!

Hopefully your new favourite pieces to accompany you for a long time. Here's how you make them last:


Silver Pieces

All of our jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver. It is a natural process of oxidation, that silver will get a blackish shadow after years of wearing.

You can easily remove the stains using an old toothbrush, a little bit of toothpaste and simply brush it off and rinse with warm water - they will be perfectly shiny like in the beginning. 

If the silver jewellery is scratched and therefore not shiny anymore, we are happy to polish them again for you. 


Gold Pieces

hana kim pieces have a thicker layer of gold than common jewellery, but nevertheless the layer will wear off, depending on the friction the pieces are exposed to. Let's make them last; if the gold layer has worn off we are happy to gold plate them again for you.  


Broken Pieces

Our jewellery is made to last, nevertheless things may break after years of wearing. If this should be the case please get back to us and we will try to fix them again for you. If we can't fix the jewellery we will give you 25% off on your new purchase so you can find your new favourite pieces.






Gold Plating CHF 20-40
Polishing CHF 20
Fixing broken items depends on the issue


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